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Organisation Introduction

TOFAŞ is a Turkish automaker which was established in 1968 by Vehbi Koç, who was the founder of Koç Holding, based in Bursa, Türkiye, where the manufacturing plant of the company is located. It is jointly owned by Stellantis and Koç Holding (38% of the company’s shares belong to Stellantis; 38 % to Koç Holding; and 24% publicly traded). TOFAŞ manufactures both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. It is one of the biggest automakers in the sector with its 6,000 employees and 450,000 vehicles annual production capacity. In 2022, TOFAŞ sold 261.288 vehicles and the company bolstered its strong position in the Turkish automotive industry with 127.6 billion TL in sales and a home market share of 16.2%. TOFAŞ manufactures for the Fiat brand in Bursa, and recently signed strategic agreement with Stellantis and it will acquire the entire share capital of Stellantis Türkiye.

Why InnoBMS?

As TOFAŞ, we decided to participate in the InnoBMS project because of the opportunity to work in wireless innovative BMS. We think that know how gained in this project will give us ability to understand wireless BMS technology, V2X application better as a concept and aid us in our future projects as well as TOFAŞ’s EV mass production in the future.

What in InnoBMS?

TOFAŞ will contribute with respect to EV application to the project. TOFAŞ will support for monitoring and adjusting the requirement from actual automotive OEM perspectives. And, TOFAS will provide the cells for the safety analysis and electrical testing. Also, TOFAS will integrate the wireless BMS developed in the project into battery pack and TOFAS will share battery pack response data for demo vehicle. In addition, TOFAS will perform the WLTP tests on demonstrator vehicle with new battery pack integrated wireless BMS.

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“The InnoBMS project enables us to understand wireless BMS technology and gives us ability to use gained knowledge in our future R&D projects as well as mass production in the future.”

Project progress

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