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Potenza Technology Limited

Organisation Introduction

Potenza Technology based in Coventry in the UK was formed in 1999 and has always been at the forefront of electrification technology. More recently the company has focused on HV battery design, manufacturing and fully in-house designed BMS hardware and software.

Potenza Technology was purchased by FPT industrial in 2020 and is now part of the Iveco Group organisation. Potenza Technology is the FPT Industrial UK center of excellence and is responsible for all in-house designed batteries and BMS for Iveco Group and external worldwide customers.

Why InnoBMS?

Potenza Technology were very interested to participate in the InnoBMS project as we begin production of our BMS this year. Our strategic roadmap is to develop the next generation of BMS, this needs to be innovative and future proof to support passenger car and commercial vehicle applications across all system voltage ranges.

In addition, we want to develop and integrate smart sensor technology, innovative communication such as WIFI and high-performance algorithms.

The scope of the InnoBMS project perfectly met our requirements.

What in InnoBMS?

Potenza ‘s involvement in the project is to design the embedded software architecture in accordance with ISO26262 (Functional Safety) and ISO21434 (Cyber security) This includes integration of innovative algorithms and advanced sensors enabling the BMS to provide more accurate and reliable information about the state of the battery. Alongside this, Potenza will design and develop a secure application layer that will seamlessly integrate with the two demo vehicles, enabling real-time data monitoring, analysis, and high-fidelity control of the battery’s performance and health.

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“The InnoBMS project will support our goal to develop the next generation advanced BMS agnostic to cell and voltage architecture, delivering the highest quality product, designed to the latest legislation on the market, applicable to both passenger and commercial vehicles.”

Project progress

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