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Potenza Technology Limited - FPT Motorenforschung AG

Organisation Introduction

FPT Motorenforschung AG (FMF) is the technical innovation center of FPT Industrial, the brand of Iveco Group (IVG: MI), dedicated to the design, production, and sale of powertrains and solutions for on- and off-road vehicles, as well as marine and power generation applications. Based in Arbon, Switzerland, FMF houses a dedicated ePowertrain division for accelerating the path towards net zero-emissions mobility, with electric drivelines, battery packs, and battery management systems. Potenza Technology (PTE) is the FPT Industrial R&D center Located in Coventry, UK, specialized in design, development and integration of Battery management System (BMS), high voltage systems and batteries for a range of industries.

Why InnoBMS?

InnoBMS project will strengthen the position of FMF and PTE as battery R&D centers within IVECO Group by deepening the know-how on advanced battery management systems. At the Iveco Group level, InnoBMS supports the realization of innovative concepts in our electric products roadmap. This will be accomplished through the development of the next generation advanced BMS, agnostic to cell and voltage architecture, delivering the highest quality product, designed to the latest legislation on the market, applicable to both passenger and commercial vehicles.

What in InnoBMS?

FMF/PTE will provide the SW and HW requirements for the battery management system, derived from Iveco light commercial vehicle and minibus applications. Based on these requirements, FMF and PTE, together with other partners from the consortium will design and develop a completely integrated battery management system in accordance with ISO26262 (Functional Safety) and ISO21434 (Cyber security). Innovative algorithms and advanced sensors will enable the BMS to provide more accurate and reliable information about the state of the battery. Alongside this, FMF/PTE will design and develop a secure application layer that will seamlessly integrate with the two demo vehicles, enabling real-time data monitoring, analysis, and high-fidelity control of the battery’s performance and health.

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“EU-funded collaborative projects such as InnoBMS help to accelerate our zero-emission technology roadmap, by offering some of the key enabling conditions in the form of ambitious, industrially relevant project goals and right mix of complementary competencies from different partners in the consortium.”

Project progress

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