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IDIADA Automotive Technology SA

Organisation Introduction

Applus IDIADA is a global partner to the automotive industry with over 30 years’ experience supporting its clients in product development activities by providing design, engineering, testing and homologation services.

IDIADA’s success in product development is built on a unique blend of highly experienced engineers, state-of-the-art test and development facilities and the constant drive towards innovation. The company has +3,000 professionals and an international network of 56 subsidiaries and branch offices in 22 countries, ensuring its clients receive fast, customized solutions.

IDIADA provides comprehensive design, engineering, and validation services for vehicle development projects, comprehensive proving grounds in Europe and Asia and offers homologation services in accordance with all European EC and ECE Regulations. We are also accredited for Australia, Europe, Japan, China Taiwan, Malaysia and give consultancy services to other countries and regions such as South America (including Brazil), China, Russia, Middle East, Gulf Countries, ASEAN, USA, Canada, among others.

Why InnoBMS?

IDIADA’s main activities regarding battery systems comprise engineering and battery testing for development, validation, homologation and certification. Engineering and development tasks include researching on battery safety validation, abuse conditions and BMS advanced functionalities as state estimation.

InnoBMS project will increase and complement IDIADAs know-how in Battery Management functionalities. Specifically, the improvement on state estimation algorithms will lead to a more efficient usage, higher performance and durability of the batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles.

What in InnoBMS?

IDIADA will work in the development of a real-time closed loop state estimation algorithm. For this purpose, the battery models built within the project will be integrated in the estimator running on the BMS edge. The algorithm will compute low complexity models based on electrical equivalents circuits which will be derived from the more complex physical-chemical models. Thus, this adaptive algorithm will contribute to achieve a more accurate state estimation during the battery lifetime and in different operating conditions including state of charge, state of power and state of health.

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“InnoBMS project contributes to improve our knowledge in advance state estimation algorithms, a fundamental function of battery management systems which impacts directly in the performance of the products from our customers in the automotive industry.”

Project progress

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