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Organisation Introduction

Since 2000 CIDETEC has developed R&D industrial and EU projects. It’s divided into three main groups: Energy storage, Nanomedicine and Surface engineering. Moreover, in collaboration with other industrial partners, CIDETEC has created 6 new companies in order to industrialize some of the developments.

CIDETEC works in direct collaboration with leading national and international companies, including light and heavy vehicle manufacturers, the aerospace industry, battery manufacturers, energy companies and infrastructure operators.

CIDETEC has unique capabilities in Europe to test and characterize batteries, model and predict their duration with specific usage profiles, as well as to adequately size different systems, offering technological services for material validation, pilot plant manufacturing, battery engineering and testing.

Why InnoBMS?

CIDETEC has decided to participate in InnoBMS to explode the knowledge obtained in different EU projects in the last years. CID will contribute its know-how in SOS, BTMS predictive control, fast aging procedure and testing and detection of TRA and Li plating events. Apart from that, InnoBMS will contribute to validate our own TRA and Li Plating detection algorithms.

What in InnoBMS?

CIDETEC will be involved in TRA and Li plating detection algorithms, cloud base BTMS model predictive control, testing IVECO’s and TOFAS’s cells and will be the responsible for autogenerating C-code scripts from the Matlab/Simulink algorithms for the embedded edge BMS.

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“The InnoBMS project permits CIDETEC testing own TRA and Lithium Plating detection algorithms, looking to iincrease the efficiency of an EV (Fast charge, safety and lifetime of the battery).”

Project progress

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