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Organisation Introduction

Bosch Group has been present in Romania for 30 years and has approximately 9,830 employees in six entities. Bosch grants a special importance to continuous innovation and works on state-of-the-art technology projects, constantly investing in various training and practice programs that aim at identifying talents and creating skills adapted to the needs of the organization and the labor market. Bosch has experience in implementing projects that support sustainable development, the use of intelligent technologies from the point of view of climate view within programs such as Horizon Europe (Digitalization of Power Electronic Applications within Key Technology Value Chains – PowerizeD) or National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NetZeRoCities – National Center of Competence and Solutions for the Development of Climate Neutral and Smart Cities).

Why InnoBMS?

As Bosch is a leading tech company in the mobility sector, particularly in mobility software, controls, and services, it brings extensive experience and market intelligence to the table. This project focuses on the exploration of cutting-edge algorithms for Battery Management Systems (BMS) and cloud connectivity, aligning perfectly with our commitment to advancing energy storage technology and enhancing diverse technology solutions. Our core priority at Bosch is to stay at the forefront of the latest scientific trends in battery algorithms. We are deeply dedicated to remaining informed about these developments and actively incorporating them into our role in InnoBMS. This approach ensures that our contributions are not only innovative but also synchronized with the latest advancements in the field. Our objective is to support the project’s success, achieve its ambitious goals, and boost our presence in the energy storage and technology sectors by infusing the latest scientific insights into our work.

What in InnoBMS?

InnoBMS’s vision seamlessly aligns with our core mission, ‘Invented for life’ which underscores our commitment to technological progress and sustainability. Bosch plays a important role by leveraging our extensive experience and market intelligence. We actively consider and integrate the most recent scientific trends in battery algorithms into our work, ultimately enhancing the project’s success and its impact on technology and energy storage.

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“The InnoBMS-project helps us to bring our algorithms for advanced battery control systems to the frontiers of science, with the aim to bring transferring cutting-edge technology to market readiness.”

Project progress

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