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AVL Software and Functions GmbH

Organisation Introduction

AVL Software and Functions is an affiliate of the AVL group and was founded in 2008. The company has around 800 employees from more than 40 countries by now. The focus is on technologically leading software and system solutions for intelligent and ecologically compatible mobility as well as system integration and electronics development. AVL has been designing and improving all types of drive systems for years and is realizing new visions for the future.

Why InnoBMS?

The project InnoBMS will enable to gain further know-how in development of BMS. Focus is here the HW development and related testing with wireless data communication. With real-time data transmission and remote accessibility, wireless BMS enables proactive maintenance, precise diagnostics, and optimized battery utilization. Its streamlined installation reduces costs and complexities, making it ideal for diverse applications, from electric vehicles to renewable energy storage. Experience enhanced reliability, safety, and performance with wireless BMS, empowering industries to maximize their battery assets. This benefit will even be strengthened in combination with the other project partners and also secure the future success of our company.

What in InnoBMS?

AVL SFR is responsible for the development and testing of advanced cell monitoring unit which will use wireless communication inside the battery. Wireless BMS revolutionize the way of monitoring and managing battery performance.

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“The InnoBMS project is an essential project for AVL SFR to research wireless BMS and will strengthen our pioneer position of BMS Development”

Project progress

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