InnoBMS kick-off meeting

Organized by coordinator Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), the InnoBMS Kick-off meeting took place in Brussels, Belgium on 25 and 26 January 2024. All InnoBMS partners joined to kick-off the 3,5 year project to develop and showcase the best-in-class BMS hard- and software solution, maximizing battery performance in extreme conditions. InnoBMS partners are committed to  enhancing user experience without compromising on durability and safety.

During the two day kick-off, VUB provided on overview of the key technological advancements and impact InnoBMS is expected to have.  Work package leaders had the opportunity to present their respective work packages, outlining the tasks and responsibilities for the upcoming months. An important part of these presentations was to engage in productive conversations to identify potential challenges and possible mitigations. Furthermore, each partner had time to present their organization and the contributions they will make to the success of the project. Finally, the VUB provided a technical tour of their lab facilities, and all partners were invited for a working dinner.

The InnoBMS kick-off meeting was a success and provided a solid foundation for a successful journey to push the boundaries of Battery Management Systems!

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