Get to know Guias Cornel Liviu from BOSCH

System Architec and team leader for Connected Powertrain Services.
One of our focus topics is related to connected battery services, which fit well into the InnoBMS scope.

What was your original motivation to become a researcher/project manager?
My original motivation stemmed from a deep-seated curiosity about how technological advancements could revolutionize the automotive industry, particularly in the areas of sustainability and efficiency. This drive was further fuelled by the potential to make a tangible impact on renewable energy and electric vehicle (EV) technologies.

What is your (main) research area today?
Today, my main research area focuses mainly on developing innovative edge computing systems that leverage cloud computing, data aggregation, and edge technologies to enhance the performance and reliability of electric vehicles.

What is the main focus of your team in InnoBMS?
The primary focus of our team in InnoBMS is to create a sophisticated BMS that integrates advanced data aggregation techniques, edge computing capabilities and real-time cloud-based battery models to optimize battery performance and longevity.

Could you describe your favourite moment/satisfaction when working for the project and – more in general – for your organisation?
The most intense moments, which also brought a lot of satisfaction, were stepping into the project in the last minute, learning and adapting to the InnoBMS project on the go and managing to establish ourselves as trustworthy partners.

Related to my organization, I am grateful for the diverse projects landscape and for the trust and support over the years but also stepping into the InnoBMS project.

How do you expect InnoBMS results will affect your organisation and the battery sector?
I expect the results from InnoBMS to significantly enhance our organization’s capability to deliver state-of-the-art BMS solutions, positioning us at the forefront of the battery technology sector. This project will likely set new standards in battery efficiency, safety, and sustainability, influencing the broader adoption of electric vehicles.

Project progress

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