Deliverable report 2.1- V2X capabilities, bidirectional interfaces and related critical load scenarios including cloud connectivity

The core objective of InnoBMS project is to develop and demonstrate (TRL6) a future-ready, best-in-class BMS hardware and software solution that maximizes battery utilization and performance for the user without negatively affecting battery life, even in extreme conditions, while continuously maintaining safety.

InnoBMS leverages on seven work packages, with WP1 identifying and selecting the relevant requirements and specifications for advanced sensors, wireless cell monitoring and balancing (CMBs), BMS components (including edge, software, and hardware), and the potential use with a second-life battery. Additionally, WP1 defines base use cases and targeted test-cases for InnoBMS, to validate the key outcomes for passenger car and light-duty vehicle applications. WP1 establishes relevant usage scenarios for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) applications for both vehicle types. WP1 ensures regular alignment of the subsequent WP outputs and in the final stage, impact assessment and synthesis of project results. WP1 comprises four tasks and this deliverable report D1.2 is a direct output of Task 1.2: Requirements specification for cloud-supported electric vehicle operation including V2x, led by BOSCH.

This deliverable report D1.2, presents a detailed analysis for testing and evaluating the demonstrator’s functionalities in real-world scenarios. The process begins with defining the base use case of ‘Driving an electric passenger vehicle/ an electric LCV during weekdays.’ Subsequently, following discussions with OEMs, specific test cases and scenario descriptions for InnoBMS EV, have been identified. Analytical simulations have been conducted to define these use cases. On top of the driving loads, also AC&DC charging and V2x related loads have been identified for the InnoBMS project’s test cases. Besides the use case specification, a condensed overview of InnoBMS requirements and their link to use-case phase is also provided.

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